• Taste the Traditional Art

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It's Way more than ART!

How every Artwork is made...

Why Special?

What makes us special is that every piece has big passion spent on it because we love what we do! and we take honor in that!

Customer Testimonials

I keep hearing about their art but what you hear is not like what you see! My husband loved my gift!!


Customer Testimonials

I'm so satisfied with the artwork that I have! It's even more beautiful in person I can't stop looking at it!


Customer Testimonials

I really loved it! whoever sees it on my wall asks me where I got it from but I'm keeping it a secret :)


Customer Testimonials

I can see the passion that has been put into his art Masha' Allah!


We believe our art and skills should be accessible to any person regardless of what their heritage or background are, and because of that our handmade work consists of house decoration, wood carved pieces, and hand done frames and canvases so that we can please every person with whatever they like.

Gift your dear ones!

Looking for something for someone special? An ancient scroll from our store is the perfect idea!


Who's the Artist?

"Nour Al-Majzoub نور المجذوب" (b. 1998) is a Syrian artist who moved to the U.S, currently a student and working full time, all the while still finding time to fulfill his passion.

In an era of digital art and cheap replicas, Nour brings all the authentic traditional arts but is fully handmade, all the while shaking the industry with a vision to make art accessible and affordable. Every thing from the design to the framing to the ornaments is completed by him alone. Nour at a young age is an accomplished artist, instructor and interior designer. Just in a span of a few years his works, murals and students can be found around the Chicago land area.

He wishes to teach his skills to others so that they all can spread this beautiful art and its peacefulness and its divine message "for truly in the remembrance of the divine word hearts truly find comfort" Join his journey whether watching one of his time-lapse videos or join him seated with a cup of tea.