Raneem Majzoub

Raneem Majzoub is a 22-year-old enthusiastic young woman from Damascus, Syria.

Throughout her journey, she utilized art to express herself and to teach herself.

In many forms of art, she strives to include Islamic elements to lend a mystical touch to each one-of-a-kind creation she makes.

She tries to bring a distinct flavor to this vast realm of art by using needlework, multiple-medium painting, and calligraphy.

Raneem has recently had the opportunity to exhibit her work at Eid Fest 2021 and Mas-Icna 2021, in addition to developing more art through her company online and at Time4Success's office in Oakbrook Terrace.

In another kind of art, Raneem prioritizes education, where she instructs students of all backgrounds and ages on the English and Arabic languages and aspires to make a difference in every individual and distinct personality by making art and teaching.