Yaser Aslam

Br Yaser Aslam identifies as a Muslim American Indian who has always had a strong passion for his faith, justice & the arts. Born in Hyderabad then soon immigrating to Arabia then finally to the States at an early age, He completed the majority of his schooling near the western suburbs of Chicago. Br Yaser was a youth activist in YM (Young Muslims) and president at his high school and college MSA (Muslim Student Association). Growing up he attended Islamic School on the weekends which later he would go on to teach and this influenced his career change. After high school he had an opportunity to travel to Egypt and study a summer of Arabic with Islamic Learning Foundation(ILF). Br Yaser has always been a community activist whether it be local programs or national conventions such as ISNA, MAS or ICNA all of which he attended due to the blessings of an involved family. 

 Br Yaser is a graduate of Benedictine University in Lisle double majoring in Biology with a focus on Evolution and then more recently Bachelors in Business Management  with a concentration on nonprofit organizations. After working for several years as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist among several hospitals across Illinois and with some time teaching at Triton College as an Adjunct Faculty.  Br Yaser reverted back to his dawah activism and now has focused his efforts on outreach work. With a strong passion for justice in the world, He is currently working with ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) with GainPeace's team as the operations coordinator. He leads multiple online efforts with vigor & magnetic energy across multiple platforms.

When he is not working, he likes to spend his time learning the arts of Arabic calligraphy and artistic endeavours. Watercolor paintings, anime & gaming are some of his pastimes along with keeping up with scientific papers and journals with a forte in Evolution & animal anatomy. Br Yaser currently resides in Villa Park IL near Chicago with his wife & two young children and consistently shares content on Youtube. He also leads multiple online efforts with a goal of all the while promoting positivity.In 2016 He had a vision for the Aslam Art Academy and soon along with Nour they founded Time4Success. With the simple motto of “Give a person a fish, they will eat for a day; Teach people how to fish and they can eat for a lifetime.”